Moving to Cyprus: Choosing the location

Are you thinking of moving to cyprus? Making a decision to move to a new country like Cyprus can be an exciting and potentially life-changing decision, but before you start your new life on the island, it is crucial to carefully consider and choose the right location to rent or buy a house. Cyprus is a beautiful island with a diverse range of cities and towns, each with its own unique charm, characteristics and lifestyle options.

While some people’s decisions may be influenced by work or family obligations, others may have more freedom to select their new home based on their personal preferences. Cyprus has a lot to offer, so it’s essential to explore and understand the different areas available to make an informed decision.


Nicosia, Cyprus

One of the most popular cities in Cyprus is Nicosia, the capital of the island, with an approximate population of 244,000 people which makes it the largest city in Cyprus.

Nicosia is situated in the central part of the island and is not only the political but also the cultural and academic center of the island. While it is an excellent choice for those who love a vibrant city lifestyle, it may not be the most appealing option for those who prefer living near the beach as it’s a 40-minute drive away from the nearest one.

Nevertheless, for those still considering Nicosia, there’s a wide variety of real estate options ranging from modest studio apartments in the city center to luxurious villas in the Engomi district.

Also, it should be noted, that the extremely hot temperatures in the summer can make it less attractive for tourists and new expats on the island. Even though, the nearest big city to the local ski resort is Nicosia, so if you are a winter sports fan, this should be also taken into consideration.

Nicosia is also home to some of the most popular international schools on the island, making it a great option for families with children.


Limassol, the second-largest city in Cyprus, is a vibrant coastal town with a population of approximately 183,000 people.

The city has become a hub for business and innovation, attracting entrepreneurs and tech professionals from around the world. In recent years, Limassol has experienced a boom in the IT sector, making it an ideal location for those who work in the technology industry.

The city’s thriving IT community is supported by a growing number of tech-related events and conferences, making it a great place for networking and professional development. Apart from its business and tech-related opportunities, Limassol has much to offer to residents and visitors alike.

Limassol seafront promenade

The city’s modern architecture, coupled with its coastal location, gives it a unique character that blends the old with the new. Limassol’s lively atmosphere is well-suited to an active lifestyle, with plenty of outdoor activities available, such as water sports, hiking, and cycling.

As a coastal town, Limassol boasts a vibrant nightlife scene, with many bars and nightclubs staying open until the early hours of the morning. The city is also home to a wide range of restaurants and cafes, serving up local and international cuisine.

Despite its many advantages, Limassol’s high cost of living can be a drawback for some. The city’s popularity with business professionals and expats has led to an increase in property prices, making it less affordable than other parts of the island.

If you are considering moving to Limassol, it is important to do your research and make sure it is the right fit for your lifestyle and budget. Taking the time to explore the city and its surrounding areas will give you a better understanding of what it has to offer and help you make an informed decision.


Another popular location is Paphos. The city is located on the southwestern coast of Cyprus, is a town that has been gaining popularity among expats in recent years. With a population of approximately 63,000 people, it is a smaller town than some of the other popular destinations on the island, but it has a unique charm that attracts many.

Paphos is a town with a rich history and culture, which is evident in the many archaeological sites and monuments scattered throughout the area.

For those interested in exploring ancient ruins and learning about the island’s past, Paphos is an excellent place to live. Additionally, the town’s milder climate and greener landscapes make it an ideal location for those who enjoy spending time outdoors.

Cyprus. Paphos.

One of the significant advantages of living in Paphos is the lower cost of living compared to other parts of the island. Real estate prices in Paphos are more affordable than in other popular destinations like Limassol or Nicosia.

This makes it an attractive option for those who want to make the most of their budget and have more money for other things.

However, one of the downsides of living in Paphos is its distance from other cities on the island. While it is possible to travel to other parts of Cyprus from Paphos, it can take longer than it would from other towns and cities.

This may be a drawback for those who need to travel frequently for work or other reasons. The other downside is the lifestyle. While it is still possible to go out in Paphos, the nightlife is considered less vibrant and attractive in comparison to the other big cities in Cyprus.


If you are thinking of moving to Cyprus, maybe Famagusta is your destination. Famagusta is a popular destination for tourists who come to experience the beautiful beaches and vibrant nightlife of the region.

It is located on the eastern coast of the island, and its beaches are known for their crystal-clear waters and fine white sand. The district is home to several towns, with the largest being Paralimni, which has a population of around 55,000 people.

Despite its relatively small population, the Famagusta region attracts a significant number of tourists every year. The region’s popularity among tourists presents an opportunity for those who wish to invest in real estate.

One can buy an apartment or a house in Famagusta and rent it out short-term to tourists, earning a substantial income.

Urbanization in Kapparis, Famagusta

However, while the rental income potential in Famagusta is high, living permanently in the area can be challenging. The region’s economy is heavily reliant on tourism, and many businesses close during the off-season, leaving locals with limited employment opportunities.

Additionally, the influx of tourists during peak season can create significant noise and congestion, making it less than an ideal location for those seeking a peaceful lifestyle.

Nevertheless, Famagusta remains an attractive location for many people, particularly those who are drawn to its lively atmosphere and stunning natural beauty. Ayia Napa, a popular tourist destination in the region, is known for its lively nightlife and attracts young people from all over the world.

On the other hand, Protaras, a quieter town in the district, is popular among families who prefer a more relaxed atmosphere. Thus, if you are looking for a lively atmosphere and are comfortable with the seasonal fluctuations of the tourism industry, Famagusta may be an excellent choice for you.


Larnaca, a town situated in the central part of the island’s coast, is gradually gaining popularity among expats relocating to Cyprus. With an approximate population of 85,000 people, Larnaca is an excellent location for those who want easy access to all parts of the island. The town is conveniently located near the airport, making it an ideal choice for frequent travelers or those who have family members or friends visiting often.

One of the main advantages of living in Larnaca is the lower cost of living and more affordable real estate prices when compared to Limassol. This is especially true for those who are looking to buy or rent a house or an apartment in Cyprus. Furthermore, the town is currently undergoing a transformation as the former industrial part of Larnaca is being reconstructed to become a luxury recreation area.

This means that buying an apartment or a house in Larnaca may be a sound investment for the future.

Larnaca seafront promenade

Apart from its convenient location and affordable real estate, Larnaca also boasts a rich cultural heritage, making it a great destination for history buffs.

The town is home to the Hala Sultan Tekke mosque, a significant pilgrimage site for Muslims, and the St. Lazarus Church, which dates back to the 9th century. Visitors can also explore the Larnaca Salt Lake, a natural wetland that serves as a stopover for flamingos during their journey.

For those who enjoy an active lifestyle, Larnaca has plenty to offer. The town has a beautiful promenade lined with palm trees, ideal for jogging, walking, or cycling. Larnaca also has a well-equipped marina that offers a variety of water sports, including sailing, windsurfing, and scuba diving. In addition, there are several parks and sports facilities where residents can engage in team sports or work out.

Finally, Larnaca has a vibrant social scene with restaurants, bars, and cafes to suit every taste and budget. The town’s dining options range from traditional Cypriot cuisine to international cuisine, ensuring that residents and visitors alike can find something to their liking. And due to such proximity to the airport, most of the expats choose to stay in Larnaca. Thus, the city has the largest expats community on the island.

In conclusion, Larnaca is an excellent choice for those who are looking to relocate to Cyprus. With its central location, affordability, rich cultural heritage, and active lifestyle options, Larnaca offers a high quality of life to residents and visitors alike.

So, when choosing where to stay you should consider it carefully, as even though the island is small, still every city in Cyprus offers its unique atmosphere and can offer different advantages, thus you have to chose for yourself what lifestyle would fit you.

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